Abstract vs concrete:

People with Autism, Asperger's and PDD-NOS understand things that are concrete and literal - As a matter of fact, they may excel in skills and careers that require attention to details and following precise directions.

Those on the spectrum understand what they can:

For example: "concrete" has more than one meaning.  In this discussion, "concrete" means:

But "concrete" is also noun which means:

This "mixture" may be what comes to mind for a person on the spectrum instead of 

ideas that can be seen or touched 

simply because that is how the neurodiverse brain is wired. to operate.  

Many people with autism have had to learn abstract  concepts, (ideas that can't be seen or touched because they don't exist in reality) such as emotions in the same way that they learned to tie their shoes- by breaking it down one step at a time.
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Concrete concrete
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