What exactly is High Functioning Autism?
People who have Autism, Asperger's, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), see the world and process it differently than neurotypicals (people who don't have autism).

They have difficulty:
        (the senses= taste, touch, smell, 
        hearing, sight and balance)


 in the ways that are expected of them by society.

This does NOT mean that people with autism are stupid.  As a matter of fact, people with autism make valuable contributions to their communities and can even have exceptional skills in certain areas.

Each person with autism is unique.

You will find people with autism wherever you look.  Many of them are; artists, students, doctors, chefs, engineers, farmers, linguists, mechanics, writers, programmers, grocers, accountants, postal carriers, librarians, professors, assembly workers and scientists.

As a matter of fact, because people with autism often have so many gifts and skills, it can be hard to recognize that a person has autism and may need help and support in certain areas of their lives.

There are others with autism who struggle to find their place.  They have difficulty keeping jobs, a home and relationships.

People often assume that behaviors that do not coincide with societal norms are a result of some character flaw like rudeness, unwillingness to try harder, or lack of conscience.  Or they may think they are "crazy".  Nothing could be further from the truth.  People with autism are not crazy and they do not act differently because they have character flaws.

As a matter of fact, people with autism often compare their daily experiences with those of a person living in a foreign country trying to figure out the language and customs so they can function and not accidentally offend anyone in the process.

When people from two different cultures are willing to learn about themselves and each other, everyone benefits.  The same is true for autism.  Explore these pages to learn more about the language and customs of people on and off the spectrum!   
What exactly is Autism?
People with Autism see things differently than people 
who don't have Autism.
People with Autism have difficulty:
Processing sight, smell, taste, sound, touch and balance
The way most people in society expect.
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People on the spectrum often have the ability to focus on small details. . .
but may have difficulty processing information, especially auditory information
        (Auditory=What people hear) 
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